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Let us not even touch on the matter of my flagging word count for NaNoWriMo... no, let us, instead consider this:
I have an audition tomorrow night.
It's for a community theatre production, which means No Pay.
That's all right, though. Here's what is unsettling me so...
What if I don't get it? See, I've been doing professional theatre for a while now. I'm not making my fortune, but I've been getting moderately steady work between Renaissance Faires, stage combat and musical gigs. I haven't done a real stage show in so long... what if I suck?
I know when it comes right down to it, it doesn't really matter. Truly. I can use all that time that would be eaten up by rehearsals to work on my writing, my riding, my physical fitness, reading, practicing pennywhistle... any number of things.

So why am I so damned nervous?
Tags: nanowrimo, theatre
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