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02 August 2005 @ 09:49 pm
The weekend update. Just for you. Yes… you

My account of the weekend is a bit terse. Blame nerves, exhaustion and general anxiety. Sorry!

I’m just going to preface this by saying that I entered into the weekend with considerable trepidation. I feel far less ready than in previous years, and significantly more agitated (on a personal level) than I have in – well – ever. Too, tensions are running high. I’d like to say I’m free of all of that. Eh. Not so much.

So. Saturday. It was hot, though blissfully less humid than two weekends prior. If y’all expect me to remember the order of the day, save that we ended with Joust 1, you’re out of luck. Sorry! I do know that we did three RH scenes with rather mixed success. Chess Game 1 was notable for me in that Kel and I managed to not utterly screw up our fight. It is far from where we want it to be, but it was fairly clean with decent intention. And our targets were good. It will be better. Just you wait.

Joust 1 was at the end of the day. I was tired. Oso was a bitch. Not a good combination. Tensions were running high all round, mind you, but I really should have managed it a lot better. My horse and I had words after, but still… He was snorting and shying like he’d never seen the field before. At one point, when we were supposed to be trotting back to the opposite side for the next pass, Os just took off.

That’s right. You heard me. The big comfy couch started running. I leaned flat back, since the only control I had over him was 1. the reins in my left hand, also holding the shield and 2. my body weight, which Oso is quite happy to ignore, as he is still (apparently) accustomed to a rider round about 100 lbs. heavier.

Suffice it to say it was less than my best rehearsal. No more about that. Frell that – one more thing. I finally managed reasonably well with the tossed rings. Of course, all the throws were beautiful (and, as someone who has been hit in the face with a ring more often than I care to recall, I say IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!)

After a quick beer at the tack house, Don and I went to dinner and then home and to bed.

Sunday was a bit more humid. I shan’t allow myself to be troubled by that; that has no bearing at all on the coming weekend.

Joust 2 was first thing. Oso was much better behaved, but that may have been the heat. My pony gets a bit weighed down by the heat. During this time we also ran the Archery Contest. I’m not so much with the loving that right now. I’ve still got next to no control or anything resembling actual skill.

After that debacle scene, we had horse time. While I was able to avoid working on running falls, another scary stunt reared its ugly head: the helm hit. Clearly, I need to wear the metal helm for that. It still needs a bit of work, but serves the purpose well enough. Lewis, after scoring a couple of CBs, told me what I needed to do. I listened. I nodded. I swallowed my nerves and got on my horse.

What worried me more than anything was that I might end up injuring my neck. Even so – better jousters than I have taken repeated helm hits and lived to tell the tale. And to watch it over and over again on video. Nick was just as nervous – he was the one doing the whacking, and I know he was terrified of hurting me. We raised our lances, charged down the list. I set myself, checked that Nick was good, dropped my shoulders just a bit and raised my head a tidge, then closed my eyes.


I barely felt the hit, but hoo-boy, did I hear it. And, apparently, right after I took the hit, everyone heard a tiny “oh!” from inside my helm, as in, “well that wasn’t so bad!”

The rest of the day was spent singing, fighting, running about, practicing archery (and practicing missing the center of the target), feeling out of sorts and then fighting some more.

The second Chess Game is brutal. I am so thoroughly not ready. Hate this feeling. gah.

It will be fine. It has to. We open in a few short days. There will be an audience, and they will be given a hell of a show. So there.

So very sleepy. I will regale you with squire exploits another time…
holding her tonic like a cross_shades_ on August 3rd, 2005 01:25 pm (UTC)
“well that wasn’t so bad!”

Wonderwoman, you are. :D

An' you know what they say about not-so-great-dress-rehersals and opening day. You'll be wonderful. Deep breaths.