Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

random random random, Rawhide!

I think that, sometimes, I forget what it is that I do. Today, I noticed that my lower back was sore. It was an external soreness; bruising, to be exact. I figured it must be as a result of this weekend's activities. Had I leaned against something knobbly? Sat wrong during the car ride to or from Wildwood? Perhaps it was my bodice, laced snug a good month earlier than I am accustomed.

Then I recalled that I did, in fact, joust this weekend. And that at the end of the second joust, I get unhorsed by having a CB cracked across - say it with me, kids! - my lower back!

I am such an imbecile.

To offset my idiocy, I shall distract you with cuteness: prior to the second joust on Saturday, I was standing by my horse. He licked my hand a few times (as he is wont to do). He rubbed his head against my butt (ditto). Then, he took my chain mail skirt in his teeth. He sucked at it a little, nibbled it. Then just stood there with it in his mouth. At last, he let it go, sighed, and shook his head, ears a-flopping.

On an entirely non-Faire related note, I feel it necessary to once again cry my adoration for Jon Stewart. Oh, yes indeedy.
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