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04 July 2005 @ 10:39 pm
I would begin this entry by telling you about my week at work. Humorous anecdotes would abound, as would accounts of frustration and woe. As it is, pretty much all I can remember is that I did go to work. The details, however, are fuzzy.

It was busy. That much I know.

This was the dress rehearsal for the Wildwood Faire, though we also managed to slip in some rehearsal time (fights, mostly) for the Faire proper.

Saturday was devoted to fights: chess game fights for Wildwood, a few for the NYRF run, piecing together the Joust ground fight from last year’s show (again, for Wildwood). We started with the latter. Every fight partner I had in last year’s ground fight is not returning (hey, wait… maybe it’s me!); that means three new fighters had to be plugged in to those places. Don is filling in for the old Will Scarlet: he brings me my sword and unshackles me, then joins me in a brief three-way fight with someone I will fight a bit later on. After six or seven moves, we all break off to engage other fighters. Last year, I fought the Sheriff’s Guard Ferret. This year… Still Ferret. Different actor. Who, by the bye, is so much fun to work with. Seven moves with him, then on to my final partner, one of my fellow jousters (our new guy, in fact).

Now, Robin, who had choreographed this whole puppy last season, asked the returnees to bring in their fight notes and/or memories of their choreography.

My notes hit the recycling bin days after the Faire ended. As for my memory, well… I direct you to the first paragraph of this entry. Yeah. Not so much with the memory. On final day of Faire – every year – as I finish a scene or a fight, I wipe that file clean. Gone. It’s not as if I’d need that information again, right?

Unless, of course, we were hired to do an outside Faire in the middle of our rehearsal process for the new season and, to save time and energy, decided to use pre-existing choreography and structure.

I tried to remember. Truly, I did. And, if I may pat myself on the back (whimpering with pain as I do so), I did remember all of the three-way and a good chunk of the final fight with new-guy-jouster: the first nine moves and the ending. Robin put in a few moves to connect the two, and we were golden. We ran it a lot, and we need to run it a lot more. I think P. (new-guy-jouster) will be all right. Repetition will be key. Yes, repetition will be key.

Kel and I worked our Chess fight for the summer in every spare moment. Lewis cleaned it up further. I want so very much to make him proud. If I’ve not said it enough, I will gladly say it again: I. Love. This. Fight. He is an excellent choreographer, and I have a really, really good partner.

ckbh and I are, through a series of events, doing our Chess Game fight from last year as our Wildwood fight. As much as I like fighting sword and shield, the fight we did at School Days never sat quite right. Instead, we’ll be using quarterstaff (me) and long spear (her). Funny – it all came flooding back. We ran that a good half a dozen times (was it more?).

Then, I finally got a chance to work with C., the new Sheriff. We’ll be doing R&D for one of this summer’s Chess Games. Robin choreographed the entire thing in the two hour time slot we had. It is short, clean, and makes sense from a character perspective. I am delighted to have a chance to be choreographed by her once again.

End of the day was horse time. We ran through the games, then walked the passes for both jousts.

Busy, busy, busy. It was nonstop from 9:30 until 6-ish (sans half an hour for lunch), and all of it physical.

Kel stayed over. We went to our local for dinner and mad-tasty desserts, then came home to marvel over the fireflies and chatter for a while before crashing.

I awoke on Sunday with a stiff neck. It took me a few minutes to realize that it was not that I’d slept wrong, but that I’d spent a goodly portion of the previous day being hit in the face (by C. and by Kel). Heh.

Sadly, Sunday was structured so that the most physically demanding work was scheduled for the final two hours of the day. It was a matter of horse availability, I know, but still… * grumble* I spent a total of four hours singing (three with Crimson Pirates, one with Wenches) and two hours working Chess Game script and fights.

Then came the Joust. If the old saw holds true – that a bad dress rehearsal makes for a splendid show – then Wildwood will be BRILLIANT. First of all, I wanted to run Fortune through the games. Wasn’t gonna happen with her in a western saddle. Squires were sent scurrying, and an English saddle was finally found and fitted with stirrups. The girth was a bit later in coming. By the time it arrived, rehearsal had begun – we couldn’t wait any longer – and I had to ride Oso. He was not at his best; I’m not sure why. His speed was fine, but he dogged the games, including the jumps – which he never misses.

The passes were another story entirely. He got spooked at the end of the first pass, and since he was already in a mood, was a bit of a bitch heading into that pocket the rest of the show (ditto for running from that pocket). As a result, my jousting sucked. Yes, I am making excuses, and that sucks even more. To put it simply: I was bad. My horsemanship was piss-poor. I couldn’t make a single hit.


The second show was marginally better. We ran the entire show, from the rideout to the ceremony to the passes to the execution/groundfight/victory smooch. Oh, melkorspawn? It was only looking back on this part of rehearsal that I realize I just plain told you I was going to kiss you on the cheek, and that if I were any sort of normal, thoughtful person I would have said “Is it okay if… ?” Sorry!

Anyway, I was a bit better in the second show. I hit Nick twice – once low and outside (better than too far inside, but still not good targeting and thus Suckage again reared its ugly head). I did, however, get him on his fall pass. A bit late getting into the center for the melee – meh. After the Queen admonished us for unsportsmanlike conduct, I harrumphed, high pitched and girly and worthy of an accompany foot-stamp, within my helm loud enough, apparently, for the entire stage to hear. Oops. Back to our respective pockets for four more passes. I hit Lewis on his fall pass, the lance didn’t skip up into his helm, and all was right with the world.

Now, by this time, I was pretty loopy. It had been a long and exhausting two days. So, when I rode up to the stage to accept the Queen’s congratulations and the cup of victory (read: girl has been jousting and riding around and is about to fight and needs a damned sip of water, thank you very much), I was damned near giggling. I blithered something to Tuck. Then I rode back to center for The Cheat (ie, the Sheriff hitting me across the back with a CB and thus unhorsing me – same as last year, if you recall. Or care. :P). Normally I have a decent leather belt about my waist over my tabard. As I’d forgotten that belt, I was using a thing vinyl or plastic one. And that is directly where the CB made contact. So it was that Marian, instead of falling from her horse in shock and pain and surprise, first made a cranky face and muttered, “That hurt!” (later, I ran up to the Queen and babbled "Hey, your Majesty! Didja see me on the horse? Wasn't that fun? I hit the guy - both guys, really! And then I had a sword and hit more people. Didja see?")

Execution, rescue and groundfight ensued. The latter was, for me, severely hampered by the fact that Don and I were unable to remove the right manacle; the left dangled during the entire melee.

And that, my dears, was one hell of a weekend.
I feel: soresore
I hear: 'Teen Titans' theme - for the past two damned days
melkorspawn on July 4th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC)
Ha... no, no, it's quite alright. I just thought I was supposed to kiss your hand, and what clearly must have registered on my face was a moment of utter confusion as that didn't occur.
mudtgnome on July 4th, 2005 09:05 pm (UTC)
agh! as if i'm not already jealuos of greg enough now he gets a smooch from maid marion?....i may have to seriously consider taking up this acting thing.
Vampcursevampcurse on July 5th, 2005 05:43 am (UTC)
Every fight partner I had in last year’s ground fight is not returning (hey, wait… maybe it’s me!);

Somehow I doubt that!

After the Queen admonished us for unsportsmanlike conduct, I harrumphed, high pitched and girly and worthy of an accompany foot-stamp, within my helm loud enough, apparently, for the entire stage to hear. Oops.

It was one of those great quick rehearsal moments! Don't sweat it!
Angelosomnamscream on July 5th, 2005 08:15 am (UTC)
I saw you and kelley running your fight, and made a mental note to myself to stop by the chess board and watch it cause yeah it looked uber cool and you two are just awesome to watch fight...whee i cant wait!

P.S. - i loved your tangoing....twas the best evah!

i was quite happy to see you once again. Yay for the summer and the faire (tho that mudd pit i must say royally kicked my keister)
Mairearanturas on July 5th, 2005 09:12 pm (UTC)
Kel and I worked our Chess fight for the summer in every spare moment.

From what I saw through the HUGE cloud of dust you all were fighting in, it looked great -- can't wait to see it without the cloud!

Oh, and I've said before and you know I'll repeat it -- stop being so hard on yourself -- you don't suck, what you do is really hard and you do it well -- but,(now read this carefully) no one(nope not even you) is perfect all the time. ;)