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Sorry, my pets - this one is boring

Woohooooooo! That was the last weekend rehearsal in NYC!

Don’t get me wrong: I really like Ripley Grier Studios. They are clean and (mostly) spacious and the AC works (a good deal of the time). But, the price of petrol being what it is, it is not such a reasonable alternative to drive in. What with tolls (bridge or tunnel, ‘tis still steep) and parking (I NEVERNEVER manage to find on-street) factored in – grawr. The train isn’t too bad – and if I go to Suffern I don’t have to pay for parking -, nor is the PATH, but at that point we’re talking an additional cost of time. I don’t get home until after midnight on the weeknight rehearsals. Getting my sizeable butt out of bed at 5:15 the next morning? Not so pretty.

Ah, but that is the price I pay for living where I do. I know. Poor wee me with the deer coming to my doorstep and the house finches bringing me my green tea and bathrobe in the morning.

ANYWAY - Don was due in at 10. Me, at 11. We rode in together. Just as I always forget that Puerto Rican Pride Day falls during our rehearsal period, so do I forget the Gay Pride Parade. That was more of a concern, to be sure, when we still rehearsed down at MTW (which I miss to this day, though admittedly for its proximity to St. Mark’s, that kick-ass burger place, St. Mark’s Comics and the Grass Roots, one of the best dive bars evahr).

Funny, this: turns out Don wasn’t needed until 11:30 or some such. He went off on an urban walkabout while Kel and I met with Lewis for some serious work on our fight.

Two. Hours.

Two full hours, or very near to, of almost constant fighting. Polishing, tweaking, adjusting. Making it make sense. Making our bodies move as they ought. Making it real, and dangerous, and smart and sharp. And clearly we were in good, deep fight stance: both of us now have sore quads.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I will say it again: this is very likely the best fight I have ever done. I just don’t want to sell it short; I’m panicky I won’t be good enough to give it what it deserves.

Next, we moved on to RH scenes. The main focus of the day was to work last week’s work (in which we choreographed the fights) into the direction of the scenes. G. came in to act as a stand-in for the Sheriff. As a result, I giggled my way through any interaction with Nottingham. G. is so damned good, and insanely funny. Even so, I am very much looking forward to this coming weekend and working with my Sheriff Proper.

Not much more to say about Sunday. Honestly; if I’m so busy, you’d think my life would at least be a bit more interesting.

Sleepy Kel. Must post this, then get lunch ready for tomorrow.

One more thing: work? SUCKS. You’re a frelling major corporation. You make money. Our store, in particular, makes a lot of money. HIRE SOME GORRAM HELP. Gah. I’ve got to do a relay first thing tomorrow, too. Lots of moving books and sweating and making the badjousterwrist very sore and cranky. Bugger.

Apparently, I am Grumpy Kel, too.

Sorry, kids. Sunshine and light soon. I promise.

p.s. In spellchecking this, Word did not flag ‘gorram.’ Delightful!
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