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Joust rehearsal update: you know you want it.

Okay, maybe not. Here goes, anyway.

Heh. This one needs a little back story. In last week’s joust rehearsal entry, I noted that we moved the girls to a paddock set up with the portable fencing. It was by the petting zoo, and backed onto the fenced in area, complete with small shelter, used by Beulah during the Faire day.

Well, the girls decided that no silly fence was going to hold them! They broke down the wooden slats and wandered about the Faire site a bit. It was no problem catching them; Fortune was positively delighted to see Nick.

She was also bleeding rather profusely from her – shall we say? – nether regions.

Nick knew she was going into heat. He wasn’t sure if blood sometimes accompanied that, though he had not observed it in other mares we’ve had.

We called J., the woman who owns the stable where the horses winter, and she in turn got in touch with the girls’ vet. Both mares were taken to J.’s farm; it was easier to keep them together, as we didn’t want to leave Boo on her own in the temporary paddock. The vet examined Fortune, cleaned her up and started her on a 10-day course of antibiotics. Turns out she… wait, this deserves a line of its own:

Fortune cut herself masturbating on a fencepost.

Yep. Horny in-heat girl backed herself against one of the broken boards and tried to scratch that itch.

So it was that we didn’t have the girls today. But, Smoke came back a few days ago, so we had a grand total of three horses for five jousters. As always, we made it work.

We got a late start: Lewis was stuck in traffic, others were late… no big deal. The weather was so vile (read: hot and way humid), we didn’t plan on riding for more than an hour anyway.

All three returning squires were there. It was so odd not to have to groom and tack my own horse. It was odder still not to have to scoop up his shit out of the breezeway, as he inevitably left a lovely pile while he was being tacked up.

Since we didn’t have the full contingent of horses – and I have to wonder if we ever frelling will – the focus today was on locking down Faire Joust 1. Glitches in the games were ironed out. We walked the pattern on foot, and then on horseback. Then, we ran – slowly, and without what little equipment we had. Passes were mapped, winners were decided: Done.

Only - Lewis really wants me to do a moving fall. I will tell you flat out: I don’t know that I can. I’ve tried in the past, and faltered in doing one at a trot. The idea makes me really nervous. Can I tell this to the other riders? No. I can not. Because I am the Girl Jouster and still feel like I have to work harder and put in extra time walking the list and doing weight work to build up strength and never say a word of complaint just to try to be as good as the guys. I know that I have to soldier on, to learn this and to do my damndest and to push my nerves and fear back behind a big brick wall. Gah.

I told my squire he could ride Oso up. Actually, I insisted on it. He’s a great kid, and works his ass off. Riding Os for five minutes a day isn’t much of a perk, but I’m going to give him whatever I can. Besides, he loves Oso. He takes terrific care of him and I appreciate that.

A mini-joust meeting followed. Clearing the paddocks of fallen tree debris came next. Lewis and I worked one-handed, going so far as to collaborate in pulling the wheelbarrow. Hey – we weren’t about to set down hard-earned beers! That way lies madness!

Squires, Nick, K. and myself waddled back down to Roselawn for archery practice, then waddled back up to the tack house to press a deck – well, everything save face cards and Aces. As it was, jousters got the great majority of the high cards in the abbreviated deck. That’s not right.

There you have it. Gripping stuff, no? Fight work and scenes tomorrow – the last weekend rehearsal in the city! Woohoooooooooooo!

For now, I’m going to go sluice off the layer of sweat mixed with joust dust. Yeah. I’m a pretty, pretty girl.
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