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18 June 2005 @ 10:27 pm
It is Saturday! You know what that means? That's right: Joust Rehearsal!

What a gorgeous day! Warm (but not hot), partly cloudy, breezy. Perfect.

I got to the tack house at 8:30. Nick had already fed, so he, Mike and I went for a run around the perimeter of the faire. After, we did a bit of free weight work. I really thought I'd be in better shape by this point - but then, I thought I'd be thinner, too, so there you go. *grumble*

We started getting the horses groomed and tacked so that we would have a 10 a.m. go. Of course, Lewis got stuck in traffic, Jeff was running a bit late, and Fortune threw her back right shoe. Since that hoof is not entirely happy (it is healing from some prior injury/wonkiness), she got the day off. That left four jousters with three horses (Smoke is still not back from Horse Reform School).

The day's priorities were to 1)set the games for the tiltyard and 2)figure out what the frell we're doing at Wildwood in three weeks' time. It looks as if we've come up with a good idea summer's Joust 1. We ran patterns and ideas and single events, trying to make things more exciting and interesting and visually arresting. Oso was a joy; he gave me speed even after I'd de-spurred. Oh, and I got on Boo for a bit. Nick rides her at games waaaaay better than I, but I did have a bit of fun running her down the field doing flying lead changes.

I may have drooled. I know I do when I ride Fortune. *sigh* Anyway, we rode for about two hours, then brought the lovelies back up for baths. An informal joust meeting followed. We fully meant to press a deck*, but other entertainment was to be found: tree removal.

There is (was, by this time) a dead tree in the boys' paddock. Now, the boys have been in Smoke's paddock for the past week. Work was started on dredging and regrading their own paddock (and thank you again, everyone who donated and/or came to the Paddock Party!) this past week. The girls were moved to a site on the grounds (we do love our new portable fencing!) in part because of Fortune's hinky hoof and in part because a dead tree was being removed from the adjacent paddock.

Turns out the guys doing the removal didn't have all that much experience; they've been at this profession for about a year. They did lop off the upper branches. I'll give them that. And they went to the trouble of removing a section of the fence that separates the boys' and the girls' paddocks, so that when the tree was felled it would have a clear path. The tree guys made cuts, inserted wedges, tugged on guide (guy?) lines...

When the tree finally came down, we stood, rapt, and waited.

And watched as it fell not in the prescribed path, but perilously close to the boys' lean-to shelter.

And ON the lean-to shelter.

And on the outer paddock fence.

We stood silent. Oso, watching from Smoke's open stall, threw up his head and snorted through widely flared nostrils.

"Holy shit." I'm not sure who said it. It might have been me. Might have been Lewis. Likely so; I think I was too busy giggling somewhat hysterically.

Oso, head still high and tail flagged, lurched out of the stall and ran full out to the opposite end of the paddock, where Dante grazed in happy oblivion. We supplied the following conversation between the boys:

Oso: Um, Dante? I have something to tell you. *pause* You might want to sit down.

Dante: What is it?

Oso: You know that place we like to stand? The shady place with the dry ground?

Dante: *slowly* Yes?

Oso: Well... it's gone.


Oso: *silence*

Dante: Well, at least we still have that tree we like to scratch against.

Oso: About that... um... Funny story, really. It's gone, too.

Dante: *gasps* *falls over*

So, rather massive destruction aside, it was REALLY COOL!

I need time to organize my thoughts on this, but let me just say that I saw 'Batman Begins' tonight.

Shiny. Oh, so perfectly shiny. They got so much right. And might I say: Liam Neeson? Always a good idea. Ditto for Morgan Freeman. I need to see it again. *swoons*
the_wild_bunny on June 18th, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)
I really liked Batman Begins too, except for the fact that I could never, ever see Michael Caine as Alfred. He's a good actor and all, but it just...didn't work out.
Bird on a Wing: Maskscaragana_leaves on June 18th, 2005 09:33 pm (UTC)
Poor tree-less horsies!

And yes, the movie was singularly edible. *licks Christian Bale*
yami_shadows on June 19th, 2005 02:38 pm (UTC)
Cillian Murphy was totally awesome in a very creepy way. Eeeeh. (That's Dr. Crane.) That mask thing was very, very wiggins. I had to cover my eyes...^^;;