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tagged by vampcurse

1) Total number of CDs I own:  Between Don and myself, probably around 350. Perhaps more.

2) Last CD bought: Heather Dale's 'Call the Names' and 'The Trial of Lancelot.' (thank you, eaquaelegit!) 

3) Last CD played: Great Big Sea's 'Something Beautiful'

4) Five CDs that I listen to a lot or hold a lot of meaning for me (in no particular order): Fairport Convention's 'The Jewel in the Crown,' Steeleye Span's 'Back in Line,' Dar Williams' 'Mortal City,' Loreena McKennit's 'The Visit' and the original Broadway cast recording of 'The Secret Garden.'

5) Tag 5 friends to put this in their own:  If you've not yet been tagged and would like to do this, go!
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