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26 May 2005 @ 09:13 pm
Ah, School Days. On one hand, it is a shortened day and therefore a snap to perform. On the other hand, it is the first show of the season, and no matter how short it is I’m going to end up fair knackered by closing time.

Anyway, .

Wednesday was brutally cold (for May 25th) and raw (about 48 degrees, max, windy and damp). I awoke with a sore throat and the sniffles. Joy.

The crowd was mid-sized at about four thousand kids. Despite the chill, clammy weather, they had a good time. On to the fun the performers had…

We decided to split the jousts. A two-man show including games, the formal challenge, five passes and a ground fight was more than enough for these out of shape jousters (and I really do speak only for myself). Nick and Jeff went first. Games were okay, save for Boo dumping Nick at the second balsa target. He got back on and rode out once again. Did beautifully, but then that is Nick. As for the passes, well… second pass, Nick’s shield was not optimum. It was pulled a bit, but hey – happens to the best of us. Makes even more sense if he was having horse issues. In any event, Jeff hit him a little inside on a less than perfect shield. The lance skipped off of the shield and onto Nick’s chest and shoulder. Though in considerable pain, he finished the joust.

When the EMTs took him off to the hospital, word was that it was dislocated. We found out today that that was not the case, but close enough. He came back later that afternoon with his arm in a sling. He assured us that he would be honest in his assessment of fitness for the next day’s show.

First Chess Game was fine. One wonders why we bother to write a script. The kids just shout and hoot and holler over the dialogue.

On to Joust Two. Let me be frank, here. I don’t have the greatest of self-confidence. I know, I know. That comes as a shock to you. But honestly, I don’t. I was already worried about not jousting well. Add on Nick’s injury. And Oso’s wonkiness from the weekend prior. That I didn’t puke amazes me. I rode O for about ten minutes prior to the show, running him out a bit (he was snorting and shying most of that time, the freaky boy) and assuring him that it was not just a dream, and he had in fact done a Faire before. A good ten years’ worth, at the very least, in fact.

Justin rocked at the games. No surprise there. As for me? I did not. Oso shied away from one of the people holding a balsa target, rocketed through the quintains, wanted nothing to do with those terribly frightening tossed rings, and damned near raced me backstage after the final jump.


The passes were better. Ose ran as if he were being chased (or as if there were food at the other end), but he didn’t shy from the list, and he didn’t buck or crowhop. And yes, I WHIFFED the fall pass. We had to do a sixth pass so I could hit Justin off. I know. I know. I suck.

After the joust, I was so certain I was done for the day, I was ready to head for the costume shop. Justin looked at me strangely and said, “Um… Chess Game?”

“Fuck!” I’d fully forgotten about the second show. By that time, a good number of the kids had already boarded buses to head home. The crowd at the second game didn’t even number a hundred. Good thing, too, since Candace and I giggled our way through our fight. I do not exaggerate. I don’t know what got us started, but we both fully lost it. Kept the fight going, though. All the choreography was there. And by the time we finished, EVERYONE in the cast was laughing as well. I’d be horrified – I’ve never lost it like that in a fight – except for the fact that other actors were saying, “No, really – Best. Chess. Game. Fight. Ever.”

Don took me out for burgers at Yesterday’s. My throat was much the worse for wear (and for cold and damp), so I took a Tylenol PM and headed for bed at the astounding hour of 7:30 p.m. I awoke three times in the night, but for the most part slept a solid eleven and a half hours. Even so, I woke up feeling like shite: stuffed up nose, throat swollen and ragged, pressure headache, low-grade fever. Huzzah!

The weather today was slightly less horrible. It was still damp and overcast, but the temp. hit about 58. Justin and I jousted first, which meant I could get my nausea done with early on. My games? Not so good. Oso shied at the second balsa target again, only threw in a bucking fit for good measure. I ditched my sword, rode it out, and then kept going. He shied at the standing quintains (WTF?) but didn’t do so badly with the rings. In passes, he was golden. I didn’t even try to hit with the solid lances, but I got all three of my breaks. No whiffing on the fall pass for me! Oh, and Justin said my shield was perfect, even on my hits, so “Go, me!” One other thing: I’ve never been good at playing the crowds – not in a joust, anyway. Well, today was another story. Really, it was the audience that drove it. I had but to ride by and they started screaming and cheering. So, I acknowledged it: waved, gave a bow from horseback, pumped my fist… Guess a chick on a horse is a cool thing for middle school girls. And boys, too.

Chess games were a snap, and mercifully giggle-free. There was a hell of a lot of teasing from the sidelines. Candace and I just started singing out “Lalalalalala, I can’t hear you!” which is just damned funny coming from the Queen of Mtumbwe. Nick rode the second joust. He was sensible about it, though: he assured us that if at any point it was too painful, or if he just felt he couldn’t do it, we’d switch Justin in. Dante was tacked and ready. Armor was pre-set on the stage. As it was, we didn’t need it.

The day ended with a cooler full of piping hot turkey legs being offered to the performers. Ah, free food!

Thus endeth the NYRF School Days of 2005.

In related news, I almost lost it when two of the actors who will not be returning for Faire said, “Hey, we graduated!” and, using feathers on their hats, mimed moving the tassel.

Dammit. I will miss them both so blasted much.
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Shado: thomasmeamgrimlock on May 26th, 2005 06:21 pm (UTC)
School Days, School Days...
Dear old Broken Rule days...

Scarborough's were a couple of weeks ago. Not as eventful for me as yours were for you (No jousting or fighting, except for some Stickity-Whack-Whack). One day was hot and muggy, second day rainy and wet and low-energy.

Glad you made it through yours with sanity intact. I'm not sure I could deal with them being the first days of the season! I mean, by the end of Workshops, I've spent enough time acting against other kids (read: the rest of the cast. Actors are really kinda just full-sized children, right?) that I think I'd kill someone if I had to do another day of it.

Break a Leg in your Faire Run!
Sarah: Mess with a senatorkachi113 on May 26th, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC)
Wow. Your job is the coolest thing...ever. Times 49539ihjtio4uy8604w3eoir.

Guess a chick on a horse is a cool thing for middle school girls. And boys, too.

Duh. =P
yami_shadows on May 26th, 2005 08:01 pm (UTC)

Guess a chick on a horse is a cool thing for middle school girls.<<

You have NO idea.
Jobs, baby, Jobs!picoland on May 27th, 2005 04:16 am (UTC)
and yet you survived School Days one more time...