Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Faire related blithering

Oso has new feet! I went up after rehearsal to say hello. His hooves are beautifully trimmed and shod in brand-spanking-new shoes. Tomorrow, I work his butt off. Slacker pony.

No complaints about today, though. I rode Fortune less than gracefully, but she is one hell of a horse. Veryvery fast on the passes. I am looking forward to seeing how she responds to shield hits.

We lucked out with weather. I think this is the first time in three years that it didn't rain on a School Days rehearsal. Here's hoping tomorrow will be so fair. It was a pretty easy day: joust, chess game, slight break, second joust, second chess game. I wore, as I noted earlier, the black bodice. Funny - people think I should just go ahead and wear it as Marian for the summer. It does look gorgeous, if a bit bad-ass, with the rest of the costume. Certainly black is slimming, and I'm all for that.

On the "gorrambloodyhell" front, I just found out we lost another actor for the summer. It is a lad of whom I am particularly fond. He is handsome and sweet and snarky and talented and funny as all hell. I know he has a chance to do something better, but selfish me doesn't care. Oh, geez - and yet another actor is gone (just remembered this) whose fight skills are going to be sorely missed. Crud.

Off to bed with me. I have a three hour joust rehearsal tomorrow. Send some good vibes my way, would you please? I've not hit anyone with a lance in a good eight months. No injuries, no mishaps, no sloppiness. That is all I ask.
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