Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I've had a grand total of one archery lesson. Since then, I've shot my bow five or six times. This may not shock you, although it did me: I'm not yet a brilliant archer.

That being said, I'm enjoying my bow. I set up a target down by the overgrown vegetable garden and then stand back by the overgrown flower garden/shrubbery extravaganza. I shoot half a dozen arrows, then retrieve them, and again and again and again until my arms are trembling with fatigue. If I keep going past that point, my targeting goes to hell. As a result, I get cranky and/or disconsolate, certain that I will never be any good. And yet...

Slowly - oh, so painfully slowly - I'm getting a tiny bit better. There were a couple of very respectable groupings today. I'm not ready for an audience. I'm not even ready for my husband to see me. But I came back into the house feeling good and relaxed. That is no small thing.
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