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08 October 2003 @ 11:02 pm
A NYC moment- not sure what to feel about it  
Don and I had CP rehearsal tonight. That means trucking into the city (he's already there, for work- I drive in so that we aren't carrying three drums on the trains) and parking in midtown, roundabout 49th St. and 10th Ave. We were walking back (Don had his drums slung about his person; I just had my music and pennywhistle laden briefcase). We were approaching the intersection near the parking lot. I saw an old man (not THAT old... maybe 50's or 60's) on crutches trying to cross. Then he fell. I mean, he crumbled.

I ran to him. Don couldn't see what had happened; he thought I was running for the light. All I could think was "Oh, gods... someone is going to drive over him!" As I helped him up, it became pretty clear that his fall had resulted from physical disability most likely exacerbated by alcohol. He clung to my arm. "Can you stand?" I asked. "Can you take your crutch?" By this time, Don had come up as had another man. The latter had taken the fallen man's right arm. Don stood between me and the flow of traffic across 10th, then unslung his drums and took my place under the man's left arm. I picked up the drums and followed as Don and the kind stranger all but lifted the fallen man to the corner. There was a chair sitting by the street sign. I snagged it, and the man was lowered onto it.

And here's where I'm not sure what to feel... we left him there. There were several guys (two of whom worked at...) hanging out at the bodega on that corner. I don't know that they were going to keep an eye on this guy, but... Maybe I should have done more. Called the police? I don't know. I wasn't really thinking all that straight.

I feel... less. Oh, Goddess. I hate this.
I feel: weirdweird
moileaflette on October 9th, 2003 04:30 pm (UTC)
*hugs* You did what you could, Mari... it was quite brave of you. :)