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Remember that post a while back wherein I asked 'Tae Kwan Do or Kickboxing'?

Tae Kwan Do it is. I won six months worth o' lessons. Granted, fitting it in now that rehearsals are starting should be interesting, but... I want to learn it. I want the challenge. I want the exercise/weight loss benefits (now, thank you very much!).

Yesterday I went in, filled out paperwork and got my shiny white pjs (I have no idea what they're really called). Today, clad in shiny white pjs, I received a 45 minute private lesson. Basically, it was the stances, basic punches and kicks and the bow. I worked up a sweat, and the alarmingly young and energetic young man said my technique (especially the punches) was quite good. My kicks? Well, not so much. At least I didn't think so. But but but but it was a lot of fun. In front of a class full of strangers may be another story. We shall see.

Off to fold the shiny white pjs!

ETA: Just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in pj pants and tank tap. The pants, gathered in to an elastic waist, clearly are designed to make any woman's ass look poofy and huge. That must be why the pj top is so long - to cover the poofy horror.
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