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I was going to work out today. Truly I was. Then, Nature intervened.

The outbuilding that serves as our gym is attached to a listing car port. It really isn't fit for parking a car beneath, but it is, apparently, very fit for raising a wee avian family. Yes, the bird's nest that I thought long abandoned is, indeed, inhabited. My treadmill is loud and it is right next to the window. Said nest is directly above that window. As the wiring in the outbuilding is rather limited, there is no other place I might move the treadmill - and even if I did, it would still be far too loud for a nesting bird's comfort. It is, after all, a very small outbuilding. I'm worried that if I use it at all, I'll scare Mama bird away. Very likely I'm being an alarmist.

I could have run outside. Despite the grey and chill and gloom, I really should have. Oh, well. Tomorrow. For certain.
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