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Hey, kids! You know what is absolutely not fun? Waking up to a blistering headache and cramps! If only I had the gout, I'd feel crappy from head to toe.

But enough with the moaning. I now present - for your amusement and/or horror - a phone conversation I had with a customer yesterday:

Customer: Do you have the 'Have No Fear' Shakespeare books?

Me: The 'No Fear' Shakespeare series (published by SparkNotes)? Yes, we carry them.

Customer: The ones where they're put into English?

Me: (internal editor was working furiously, here) Actually, it already is in English. But this series does have a modern prose translation alongside the original text.

Customer: Yeah. Um, do you have one for - I think it's Up... Apello?

Me: (internal editor has thrown up hands and gone outside for a cigarette) We should have a copy of the No Fear for Othello. Hold on while I run upstairs to check.

How can you reach your teenage years (and she may well have been older) without knowing Othello? At least, as Don mentioned, the Milton Bradley game?

Good gracious!
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