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06 March 2005 @ 08:39 pm
blah, blah, diet, blah  
Tomorrow marks one full week of The Diet.

You know, I really started this diet for Don (remember the Valentine's Day gift?). I'd been watching my portions, trying to get more exercise, drinking plenty of water... Surely that would do to shave off those extra five pounds.


Somewhere along the line, somewhere around day three (this Wednesday past), my head went wonky. I know - I honestly do know - that I will never again hit my college weight, and that is not a bad thing. I was downright scrawny, thanks to a mad fast metabolism. I'm older now, and have considerably more muscle; it's all that sword-swinging and lance-wielding. Even knowing all of this, it somehow became very clear to me that I needed to lose fifteen pounds. That would put me within five pounds of the aforementioned college weight.

It comes to me that I may have issues with body image.

This is just absurd. Mayhap with the passing of another week, sense will return. It must count for something that part of me knows this is silly. Right?

But I will say this: if I do not lose a bit of weight from these first two weeks, I shall likely go an eensy bit mad.

Despite an insane amount of prep work, the food is yummy. Even so, a week from tomorrow, I am going to have strawberries and a multi-grain english muffin. And I am going to dance about the kitchen, singing for joy.

(edit: I broke down and stepped on the scale this morning. I've lost a few pounds. I'll just shut up now.)
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