Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

in brief...

To quote Granny, "I ATEN'T DEAD."

Dad is no longer in congestive heart failure. He does have pneumonia and mega-problems when he tries to walk (and several other things, but those are the biggies). He's in a nursing home for a few weeks of physical rehabilitation, and then we shall see.

Work is ok. I'm not writing a frelling thing at present, and feeling sucky about that. I have, however, been cooking some rather kick ass meals, so y'all can come over for dinner. It is snowing pretty, glittery fake-looking snow. There is a coyote that, according to Don, has visited, but only when I sleep. I'm not losing weight, but I'm getting back into more physical activity. And how on earth did I ever forget that working out with my hand-and-a-half was so much fun?

That's it. More later. Maybe.
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