Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

Aren't I romantic?

Having no idea whatsoever as to what to give my sweetie for Valentine's Day, I have arrived at this:

I'm giving him two weeks of Atkins' Induction.

He mentioned he wanted to go back onto that phase (I really don't); I grumbled inwardly about how much work it is. How much more I have to go shopping. How I have to prepare EVERYTHING - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks...

Then today, I realized that if he wants to do that, I should be supportive. I'll go on a modified version of it for myself (can't hurt; I've got an extra ten pounds that I would be happy to see go away). For two full weeks, I'll suck up the extra prep time, the menu planning, and the pain in the assness of it all.

So, I picked up an insulated lunch bag at K-Mart today. I'll slip a note inside to let him know that he's got two weeks, on the house. Then I'll feed him a kick-ass Last Hurrah dinner, complete with mocha chocolate mousse (thank you, Alton Brown!).
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