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My knee is telling me that I must, under no circumstances, run or walk strenuously today. I am paying it heed, figuring that if I don't press it now, I can run tomorrow. Still - bah.

Oh, happy day! I was not scheduled in the department of the passive-agressive lead bookseller. I have feeling I may be there tomorrow, but this day was delightful. I shelved four library carts' worth of books, did one v-cart of reshelves, then set to ::shudder:: tearing apart the Language Arts section of Education.

For those who do not work with me, and who are not put off by the tedium of a recounting of retail bookstore work, let me give some backstory. When F. was made lead of genre fiction/teen/education/family child care, he reorganized the education workbooks so that they were shelved by return vendor. Not author, not series, not publisher... no, he arbitrarily chose to section them by a bit of information that doesn't even come up on the main title info page on the computer. You have to go to another screen entirely to find the vendor info. So. It was a choice... Not only that, but I know that in the entire time he was lead, he never did any sort of zone maintenance in this section.

There's a new lead now, and he's entirely cool with me prodding about his department. Heck, it just helps him out.

So, Bookstore Girl pinned up her hair, flipped her cape over her shoulder and hunkered down on creaky knees to Set Things Right.

I reorganized, scanned every single book, reshelved the stacks of items that were mistakenly hiding out in Lang. Arts. Then I proceeded to reorganize the entire frelling section alphabetically by publisher, and then by grade level within the larger pub. groups. The waterfall displays are all sorts of pretty, too.

There. Boring work stuff that still makes me happy because I accomplished something.
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