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29 January 2005 @ 12:32 pm
In which things go wrong, then right again  
It all began Wednesday evening. All I wanted was to tape Smallville. So, I grapped a tape, popped it into the VCR and set the timer. But lo, when I walked by the VCR at 8:05, I saw that it was not recording. Hmmm, thought I, and proceeded to investigate. The tape would not budge. It would not record, nor would it play or fast forward. When I attempted to eject it, I was met with failure.

Thursday wasn't so bad, but Friday? Oh, the (mild) horror. I already growled about my encounter at the Shop Rite bottle return and the cranky-inducing attempt to go to the Post office. When I returned home from my aborted mission to mail a parcel to bunnymcfoo, I decided I would just work off the cranky by doing some housework. Laundry was at the top of that list. I rummaged about for my slippers (the basement floor is cold and damp and entirely unsuitable for walking upon in stocking clad feet). One was right by my dresser. The other was nowhere to be found. I looked under the dresser, under the bed, in closets... no luck. I put on my sneakers and hauled the laundry hamper to the basement...

... where I found that my washing machine was not working. Why? Because it seemed the cold water pipes had frozen. Not burst, thankfully, but still not functioning. So I trundled out the the 'gym' to fetch a space heater. Of course, I had to let said space heater sit in the house until the electrical cord warmed out of its stiffness.

Then... things started to go right again. I found my other slipper - under the dresser, where I had already looked.

The cold water pipe leading to the washer began to work.

I managed to get the tape out of the VCR and set it up in time to tape Stargate SG-1.

The Post Office and bottle return remain beyond my control, but at least I'm no longer feeling as if the universe is having a big laugh on me.