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28 January 2005 @ 03:06 pm
Let it be known that this is a petty bit o 'ranting.

Why, oh why must you wait so long to return your recyclable bottles and cans? Do you not realize that forces other folks to wait for upwards of ten minutes - and I do mean at a minimum - in the chilly bottle redemption room while you feed the items in, one by one, sometimes pausing in between to peruse the labels? Do you not realize that even after you have finished and wandered off to do something equally annoying inside the grocery store, you've left the only functioning can -return machine nearly full? And that halfway through returning my own paltry twenty cans, the machine registers as full, and will accept no further returns until an employee comes to replace the bag?

And that, because you have started this spiral of annoyance and ill luck, I can find no one to replace said bag?

I also blame you for the insanity at the Post Office. I know it is you, procrastinating can lady! I just know it!

Ratesjul: flying kiwiratesjul on January 28th, 2005 12:13 pm (UTC)

*hugs Kelly*
Goddessavhi on January 28th, 2005 12:28 pm (UTC)

Now this post is stuck in my head as an excerpt from the Rogues Show....

"......Here's to you, procastinating can lady..." (procrastinating can lay-dee!)

"You who slowly feed them into the machine, pausing in between to peruse the labels..." (this one's got....half the calories!)

"When you finally waddle off and begin your oblivious meander down the aisles, I'm left with a full machine, 15 cans in my bag and no pimple-faced, lonely boy to replace the bag." (.......................................BEE-YOTCH!)

"I swear, you're to blame for the insanity at the Post Office, the DMV and the Bus Terminal. In fact, I'm sure you're employed by the government..." (It ought to be legal for me to slap some sense into you.......)

"So here's to you, Procrastinating can lady!" (Don't let me find you in the parking lllllllloooooooooootttttttt!)
Kelladyjoust on January 28th, 2005 04:51 pm (UTC)
Angelosomnamscream on January 28th, 2005 10:34 pm (UTC)
OMG...i think she was online at the bookstore at school today, returning all of her books from the PAST FOUR YEARS OF COLLEGE....damn her, she made me soooooo grumpy, we can go kick her butt together!