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01 October 2003 @ 05:29 pm
Stupid Body  
Cramps. Bloating. Gastrointestinal distress. Bouts of weeping. Ah, I do so love this time of the month.

Ah, but the title of this entry does not just refer to body-stupidity beyond my control. No, indeed! I have Exercise and Fitness issues as well. I've been really bad for the past four days. I ate badly this weekend, and then did not work out on Sunday, Monday OR yesterday. Today I was determined to remedy that. As it was a beautiful autumn afternoon, I decided to forego my normal bout on the treadmill and walk outside instead. Then, greatly horrified by the hypnotic jiggling of my thighs, I thought I would run instead. See, I've been doing pretty well on the treadmill. (I can do a 10 minute mile (not bad, for an old-ish mostly out-of-shape creaky thing) Running outside is different. I can NOT pace myself properly. This I know. I also go far faster than I should if I want to keep an even pace for an extended distance.

I compromised. I walked for a bit, ran for a bit, and so on. I did three and a half miles in forty minutes, so I guess that's all right. Thighs are still jiggling merrily about, though. So much for a miracle cure! Sadly, I did half expect that the problem would be resolved by the time I reached home. *sigh*

Now it's off to chug some water and make an Atkins friendly dinner.

I am having a glass of wine (red, of course) to accompany the season premiere of Angel. I am, I say!
I feel: sore