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My niece, the wheeler-dealer

When we went out to lunch this Saturday past, my sister-in-law let us know that my six-year old niece is selling girl scout cookies. "Great!" Don said. "Give a call, and we'll tell you what we want." Not that we need cookies. Heavens above know I do not. It is about supporting family. So, tonight I got a call from said sister-in-law. She then handed the phone over to my niece.

"Hey, Aunt Kelly. Do you still want the Lemon Coolers?"

"You bet!" I told her. "What else are you selling?" She ran down the list, explained the different cookies to me, and I chose two other types. "So, that's three, then."

There was a pause. I could almost hear the wheels of Capitalism turning. "Three of each?" she said, all six-year old sweetness.

"Um, no, kiddo. That's three total."

She giggled. "Okay!"

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