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Crimson Pirates rehearsal went remarkably well this morning. I didn't do anything rash (some of you will know of what I speak). IN fact, I rather had a good time. We worked on several new songs, and might I say that our 'Farewell and Adieu' is going to be unlike anyone else's! 'General Taylor' is sounding good. I'm not just saying that because I remembered a harmony I learned, oh, two months ago. 'Jock Stewart' is simple but pretty. Hope I don't suck on it. Just sayin'.

Had a very funny complete brain-blank on 'Star of the County Down.' It was as if I had never held a pennywhistle before. Worked it out eventually, but still...

Brief shout out for Badmoo, Lionel's new store! He was good enough to volunteer the space for today's rehearsal, prior to his noon opening.
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