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29 September 2003 @ 10:38 pm
Grown up type stuff  
Grown up thing #1:
This year, for our anniversary, I suggested to Don that we not exchange gifts, rather find something we both wanted/needed and made that our gift to each other. Thus is is we bought a new mattress and box spring. When we married, we were living in a one bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side... cute, but tiny and very Actor Living In New York decor. We were sleeping on a futon mattress (the frame having long since given up the ghost) on the floor. Upon returning from our honeymoon, wherein we slept on a luxurious king size bed, we immediately called the cheap mattress 1-800 number and had a little bit of coiled-spring heaven delivered to our door. Well, it's six years later and that mattress has seen it's prime. Don can sleep on anything, but I admit I'm a bit fussier. So it is that we spent the night before our anniversary mattress shopping.

Having dealt with the Loneliest Mattress Salesman in the world (we heard all of his mattress jokes, know about his last girlfriend (no one currently in his life), and know that he has a cat), we managed to get out of there in just over an hour but with the promise of a mattress that will serve the two of us well for many years to come. It was delivered today. It's waaaay taller than the old one. I must have run and thrown myself onto it at least half a dozen times already. Anyway, it feels like a Grown-Up Bed.

Hmm.... now I need taller night tables.... Ikea, here I come!

Grown up thing #2-
We went to my friend Cat's birthday party yesterday. She and her husband recently bought a tiny but adorable house in Suffern, NY. This set Don and I to thinking... well, we've been thinking about buying for over a year now, but have not had the time to devote to looking. We started looking tonight.

Mind you, it was online searching, but even so...

This is daunting stuff.

I feel: bemused