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14 January 2005 @ 05:08 pm
Feeling all warm and fuzzy, am I. Why? Because my house is clean. Well, most of it is. There's still some laundry to do, my office needs quite a bit of work and there are a few things to be put away in the bedroom. But, my kitchen is beyond sparkling. The living room/dining room are tidy and smell of Murphy's Oil Soap. Wood is stacked near the woodstove (clean and emptied of ashes) and the kindling box is full.

It was a good day for cleaning. I woke to pouring rain, which later turned to driving snow. That stopped around noon and proceeded to melt, though the sky remained heavy and grey.

So long as I get up and cook tomorrow morning, I shall be supremely prepared for the Steering Comittee meeting - which, by the way, I had completely forgotten we had offered to host until last weekend. Oops!

Oh, and just to add to the warm/fuzzy: As I stood at the kitchen sink, washing dishes, movement from the side lawn caught my eye. I looked out the window to see a deer. It stood in the falling snow, blinked back at me, then moved over the the bushes and began nibbling oh-so-delicately at the branches. Then, another deer joined it. They wandered about the yard, sampling various snow-covered delicacies. Happiness!!
I feel: accomplishedaccomplished