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I was just reading over some of last year's faire entries, and I am suddenly aching - and I do mean there is a physical pain round about my heart - to be jousting. And fighting. And just - there.

I want my Oso. I want my friends from whom I am now so remote, geographically. (I love my house, but...) I want to hang at the tack house after a hard day's rehearsal, talking training with the guys. I even want to be worrying over whether I'm strong enough, good enough, skilled enough to do this. I want summer. I want heat and the dust of the field clogging my nostrils. I want sudden cloudbursts. I want to walk the list until it feels as if my arms will fall off from holding that damned car door shield and heavy lance. I want to feel strong. Skilled. Smart.

I want fireflies dancing over the chessboard at dusk. I want the prickly sensation of sweat drying on the back of my neck and arms. I want to watch the horses rolling in the paddock after their baths. I want a decided LACK OF GOAT while this happens. I want the scent of leather cleaner and the glint of polished metal.

I want heroes. I want magic. I want...
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