Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

I am so not addicted to crocheting. I can quit anytime I want. Really.

It's just that I do not choose now as said time.

That being said, holiday parcels will not go out until next week. Sorry, my lovelies!

In other news, I finally made the damned pasta broccoli salad. I hope it is good; the market didn't have fresh dill, which made me sad. And I don't think it can ever live up to what I used to get from Food For Thought (ditto for their brilliant turkey chowder - oh, and those rolls with ham and sharp cheddar baked into them! woof!), but I have done my humble best. Feeling a bit of a sous chef, I did all my prep for the chicken/mushroom/pasta dish. Since my sweetie is taking me out to dinner, I won't get to make it until tomorrow, but no big there. Also on the menu for the weekend: veggie chili. mmmmmmmmmmmm. My veggie chili, while not hot-spicy, is rather kick-ass flavourful.

Yeah. Dont' know why the past few entries have been focused on food. Maybe because I'm actively ignoring that nasty ten pounds hanging around my hips and belly. But hey - that's what the treadmill is for!
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