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rambly goodness

I just can't feel all that guilty about calling in to work today. I busted my butt yesterday, knowing that there was a possibility that weather might play havoc with my morning commute. And so it did, or would have had I braved those sloppy roads. Over two mountains.

Instead, Don (who is working from home today for the same reason) and I shoveled the driveway (which somehow became four miles long), the path to the shed and the path to the main woodpile. Also cleared a way to the Tardis, as I will be getting on the treadmill today. I pussied out yesterday.

In other news, we WILL be getting a snowblower. Probably this weekend.

Still to do today:
~work out
~make cookies
~make pasta-broccoli salad
~figure out what to cook for dinner (though I do have leftover chicken, tomato and white bean stew)
~build a snowman (called on account of rain)
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