Kel (ladyjoust) wrote,

snow snow snow snow snow!!!!

I have a Snow House*. Whichever window or doorway you might choose, the view is just lovely. The view from outside looking in is equally pleasing. Too, I can peek out from my office (which is gorram cold) onto the back deck to watch the snowfall; happy, indeed! Going out to shovel? Not too bad, but that may wear thin. This may be a comparatively mild winter (and really, who can tell at this point?), but I think a snowblower would be an Excellent Idea.

(*this is also a Christmas House - the moment we brought the tree in and began to decorate, it became apparent - this house loves the winter holidays. The warmth and charm were upped exponentially. Weird, but true. I suspect it just may be a general
'Celebration House;' will keep you posted)

In other news, did not work out today. Caught sight of self in mirror and was vaguely alarmed by size of belly. Then again, I'm not as big as I was last year at this time, so maybe I should just relax. All may yet be very well.
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