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20 December 2004 @ 07:40 pm
Holy living frell, but it was brisk today!

On the plus side, all the work Don and I have done on the driveway seems to be paying off (as in no inch-thick sheet of ice, thank you very much). On the negative side, the snow made it a bit slippery anyway. Ah, well. Would have been worse atop the slab o' ice, no?

'Twas a fairly prosaic day. I went to Ikea first thing (well, they open at ten, and I was there at nine blasted thirty, but I got some crocheting done and made an appointement with the optometrist so...) to get more containers for gifties. Proceeded to UV appointment, whereupon I gave at in full of cinnamon-sugar-butter cookies to the office staff. When I emerged from the booth, one of the receptionists called me over. "Is it a secret," she said quietly, "or can I get the recipe from you?" And, as that made me happy and all I've done is tweak an existing recipe, I assured her I would bring a copy on the morrow.

Ran errands, went back to Yarn Mecca, hit the grocery store, hauled wood and split kindling...

Then, to the optometrist! Now, I've not been to an eye doctor in... well, pretty much forever. I think I've only ever had my eyes checked by the school nurse, my GP and the guy at DMV who makes you read one line of the chart. Since I'm getting all sorts of old, and my eyes are aging right along with me, seems I might need glasses for driving. Apparently those pesky road signs aren't supposed to be blurry. Who knew? Anyway, our insurance covers a set amount for eye care each year. The race was on for me to get this done by year's end. So, I got on line and found doctors covered by our plan. I looked over the list, checked the various services offered, considered my options... and chose the closest provider. Laziness can be a very useful tool.

I ended up with a really nice young doctor, very funny and cool about explaining everything he was doing. Yes, I do need glasses for driving. And yes, it is because I'm old. Pretty much, anyway. I've still to have my pupils dilated and further poking about (figuratively speaking) done when I go to pick up my new glasses...

WHICH, by the way, are veryvery Babs Gordon. Granted, I look nothing like her, but in my head this is what I will be thinking whenever I wear them. Because I am that much of a geek. Hopefully Don or I will get a digital camera for Christmas, so that I might post a photo.
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aryianaaryiana on December 20th, 2004 05:34 pm (UTC)
Brisk??? Would that be an understatement? I would consider a wind chill of -10F to be quite frelling cold myself :).

Hope you and Don are keeping warm as I am freezing with my new husband and kidlings in a heat-pump heated house that is not getting above 57F even tho the digital thermostat is set at 64F.

Down blankets and body heat seem to work the best.

And you aren't getting older.... just better!!
Jobs, baby, Jobs!picoland on December 21st, 2004 05:14 am (UTC)
Brisk? Brisk is an Ice Tea on a hot summer day, this was fargin bone chillin! I had to walk half the way 'round the mall toget to my car closing Sun night, in the snow, no jacket,no hat uphill, both ways, dodging polar bears.....

Brisk,...luxury....mmmm Babs Gordon....that's hot.
and you're not old, you're well- seasoned.

Goddessavhi on December 21st, 2004 07:17 am (UTC)
Well...if we think about the commercials FOR Brisk Tea...it puts the snow back on the snowman...so in a way, she's got the right of it!


Madly-moy-zil Joust...I'm always looking for a good cookie recipie, if you care to reshare? ::bats eyelashes::