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Maryland Faire!

yayayayayayayay! In about 12 hours, I should be arriving at the hotel in Maryland. In about 24 hours, I should be performing our first song set with the Crimson Pirates! The weather promises to be lovely, I don't have to worry about anything other than singing (and trying not to suck at that - meh) and seeing if the oyster shooters are too spicy for me. I can do a little shopping (depending on my rather shaky funds) and will be seeing a group of Sheroes.

I've never been to the MD faire, but I've heard it is absolutely stunning, one of the very best. I can't wait to see their joust. Hopefully I'll pick up some ideas or inspiration.

Perhaps best of all is that my choosing to go to MD means I will NOT be performing at the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival. No slippery-grassed, tiny joust field for me! After the season I've had, I'm rather happy abou that, even though it is easy money (and with my joust pay, pretty good money at that).

Maryland! Crab Cakes! Pirate Songs! Sheroes meet! YAY!
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