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15 September 2003 @ 04:40 pm
The end of Faire  
I tried to trim out some of the lesser details, and still it's absurdly long. You have been warned!

It’s always bittersweet, the final weekend. On the one hand I am physically and creatively spent. On the other hand, I am saying goodbye to my other home, as well as the people with whom I have spent the last two and a half months. Some I will see again, and soon, but others I may not see for months, if at all. Add to that the fact that I get weepy over any blasted thing... *sigh*

Saturday It rained. What a surprise! This was sucky mainly because J.T. was there, and I so very much wanted him to be able to see our full show (especially the jousts, as he directed them before moving to the west coast). We did both jousts. The games went well in the first show. I won, despite a driving rain that made both visibility and grip a nightmare. The passes were tricky, too. The squires dried our shields before we rode, but the lances were wet. Trying to hold on and maintain control was tricky, but there were no injuries. Funniest moment of the day: first bridge scene. At the end, Robin Hood swears his pledge (and that of the merry band) to the Queen. Normally, he just stands on the rock that is conveniently located downstage center of the bridge and raises his hand to the sky. For some reason (caught up in the moment, maybe) on Saturday he drew his sword and raised that... right into a rain-laden tree branch. It dumped water on him. He didn’t stop smiling, but it grew a bit stiffer. Meanwhile, Kelley and I were all but snorting. I am snorting now, picturing it again. So much for the Heroic Pose.

I managed to come up with new ‘Caviar’ and ‘Ball...’ verses (the latter while I was standing in the audience waiting to sing!), both of which went over big. I was very pleased, since I’ve only come up with a few new ones this year.

Saturday night was quiet. I think everyone was starting to feel a bit sad. I went to the Knife for a bit, and had a very nice chat with Rob. Then I wandered back to the Tack House and chatted with Lewis and Pete for a while. Early to bed. Fell asleep to the sound of torrential rain.

Sunday It was still pouring as we headed to the showers. It let up shortly after we finished breakfast. Kelley and I sent roses to the Bold and Stupid Men (John and Alex). They were completely lovely all summer. Every time we saw them, we’d ‘drop’ our hats and the two gents would graciously pick them up for us... verrrry slowly, so that we might admire their tights-clad posteriors. Kel even sent female patrons to them to do the same. Anyway, instead of sending a message with the roses, we just had Kimmi drop the roses in front of them. They later told us that they had no doubt from whom the flowers came.

Jousts were a bit hairy. Right before Joust 1, I was told that Oso was a bit dehydrated. He didn’t want to drink, but he seemed OK otherwise. Jeanne said he had a digital pulse in his foot (this is not a good thing), but that I should ride him out for the games and feel him out. The announcers were warned in advance. I rode through the archway, feeling him working to give me a slow canter. I rounded the first corner and got off. Our amazing squires tacked both Rusty (bless you, Laur!) and Smoke (yay, Kyle!) within minutes. I opted not to ride Rusty in the games (Lewis was doing so) since she tires quickly, and we’d need her for passes. It was decided I would go last, and that I’d ride Dante (who had already been through the course twice- once w/Jeff, once w/Alen). Dante was NOT happy. As a matter of fact, he was completely bullshit. My run through the obstacle course became a big fight with my horse. He tried all he could to dump me, including nearly running me into a ring stanchion. He ran at a breakneck pace, pulled at the reins, took sharp, sudden turns... Well, surprise, surprise, Dante! 120 lb. human still wins against 1500 lb. horse! I even got the money ring (though I tanked just about everything else). Apparently it was a sight to see. I just called it ‘Maid Marian’s Wild Ride.’ I rode Rusty in the joust passes (my first time jousting on her), and despite her ridiculously choppy gait, Nick and I kicked ass on those passes. He got his first double hit. So proud of that boy! I was told I looked good on Rusty, too, and that I gave perfect shield, so I suppose I can’t rely on my own feelings on the matter (I felt like crud, form-wise). The second joust was good. Lewis and I shared Dante (he tried to toss me twice, but again, I stayed on; he doesn’t like being separated from Oso, and Jeanne had taken him to her farm to administer meds and monitor him... he’s doing well, by the way!)

First wench set, I made Kelley cry. She never cries on closing day, mostly because Lewis tries so hard to make her. Anyway, I do the intro for ‘Wild Mountain Thyme,’ and I thought of a new one that seemed pretty and poetic, so I thought I’d give it a go. What I tried to say was "Now we will sing a song of love - the love between lovers, the love of family and of friends. Though love blossoms, it may fade too soon. Hold these loves as precious as each bloom of the wild mountain thyme." Well, I got to the second line and got all choked up. I managed to stumble through to the end, and turned to see Kelley crying. She hit my shoulder and muttered, "Ya bitch. Made me cry." Second wench set ROCKED. Instead of opening with Barrett’s Privateers, we did the PoTC parody that Cat wrote. The audience went absolutely nuts. Cat is frelling brilliant. They went equally nuts for her ‘Cell Block Tango’ parody. We’ve been doing it all summer, and while it’s been very well received, this audience all but howled. Very cool. Best part of the set was that after, John and Alex were waiting with red roses for all the wenches. Sweethearts! Final wench set was fantastic as well. We get such huge crowds. The energy we get back from the audience is indescribable. Love that so.

Now, this is Lewis’ last year as Hood (by his own choice). As he’s been my Robin for three years, and he’s a lovely person and blasted talented man, I will miss him as my Robin immensely. During ‘Join Robin’s Band,’ he changed the oath so that he was very subtly saying goodbye to the part. I almost started bawling.

I did cry during pub sing. It was tremendous. Such energy, such joy, such sadness at the imminent partings. Lewis came up to stand between Kelley and I during the final song (Wild Mountain Thyme... the ultimate weepy, especially our version-we’ve tweaked the lyrics). Don was on my other side, Alen in front of me with Karen. Cat stood on Kelley’s left, and reached behind to squeeze my hand. I was surrounded by people who are dear to me in so many ways. That this was my last moment with the best Robin Hood ever was a bit heartbreaking. When it came to the line ‘If my true love he were gone, I would never find another," he gave my hand a squeeze. Tears slipped from my eyes, and I couldn’t sing for a long moment. That was Robin saying goodbye to Marian. Ouch.

Goodbyes were long and hugs were fierce. I got a lovely smooch from CGG. I think he may have a bit of a crush on me in return... wouldn’t that be lovely? All is fair since we are both taken, and this wouldn’t go anywhere beyond "Wow, he’s a cutie."

I am so very tired. My heart hurts, and I need to get myself healthy in body and spirit by next Friday. I think I’ll go start laundry and play with my kitties. I may even have a little cry.
Stealth Chaos Butterflybunnymcfoo on September 16th, 2003 05:46 am (UTC)
I'm only halfway through, but you mentioned the Bold and Stupid Men!! *twitch*


And they are deeeeeefinitly the kinds of guys that you want to see bend over. ;)